Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quisqualis indica is one type of vines. Vines (climbers) is a plant that grows in the ground or what areas such as walls and other support structures as a place to hang themselves or twisted to the growth of these plants. In general, the vines are divided into two groups. The first is the creeping vines with his own without the help of propagation media because it has roots that can be attached. This plant is often called a liana plants. And the second is the propagation vines deliberate, so that the media needed to help propagation of wire or other material. This plant is called a clump of plants. Quisqualis indica including clump plant type. Quisqualis indica has several local names (for example, in Java called a "gulp", "cekluk". "Kacekluk", "kaceklik", "wedani" while in Sumatra called "dani", "udani", "wudani", and in Sulawesi called "tikao"), whereas in English known as the "Rangoon creeper". The characteristics of this plant is having a rounded leaf shape with a short stalk. Small flowers form valvate five strands, covered with fine hairs golden brown, and the length can reach 1.5 cm.  

Quisqualis indica also produce elongated egg-shaped fruit, but fruit tip narrow, and dark brown. The bottom leaves have smooth hair, the color combination of white flowers, pink, and scarlet, and have a fragrant scent like the scent of jasmine. Plants that originated from Thailand and India has a character that is able to stand upright and compact. Although still to be bush or shrub, but can be more flexible to use as planted in soil and pots. Privileges quiqsualis indica located on a graded and scented flowers fragrant jasmine, and knows no seasons or flowers blooming throughout the year. The new flowers will come out white, then change to the color pink, and change to the color red. Interest will change in three colors for two weeks. When planted in large pots and flowered together, quisqualis indica will cast a fragrant scent, especially at night. This plant is often used as a plant pergola which can reach 8 feet tall. To grow the length of 1 meter requires only a one month period. In addition to the pergola, quisqualis indica can also be used as shade, pollution dilution, silencers, and boundary. Qusqualis indica is a species of plant origin are easy to care for plant shrubs.

Systematics (taxonomy) quisqualis indica plants have the following classifications:
Kingdom                   : Plantae
Division                    : Magnoliophyta
Class                         : Magnoliopsida
Order                        : Myrtales
Family                      : Combretaceae
Genus                       : Quisqualis indica L.
Common Name        : Udani, Wudani, Jasmine Holland

Quisqualis indica I sell on pot size 20 cm by 50 cm plant height. In the pot there are a series of bamboo sticks as back propagation for plants can be kept in pots. In addition to the pot, quisqualis indica also can be planted in the ground as a pergola for shade or ornament. This plant is very beautiful to see because there is degradation of white, pink, and scarlet coupled with a very stinging scent of jasmine at night. What distinguishes quisqualis indica with other products is located on the media using the earnings. Quisqualis indica is using a poor sand over the shaft and clean if done watering the pots. Other things by using the media soil and manure that makes the floor dirty when quisqualis indica watered in the pot. 

The selling price of U.S. $ 5 /pot

Purchase Amount           Discount (%)
U.S. $ 5   - 10                             5
U.S. $ 10 - 20                          10                      
U.S. $ 20 - 40                         15                      
U.S. $ 40 to above                25